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Part Load Terms and Conditions

  • These terms and conditions of this way bill shall be deemed as a binding contract (“Way Bill”) between the consignor herein (“Consignor”) and Resfeber Labs Private Limited (“Company”, which means and includes its affiliates, assigns, liquidators, successors and permitted assigns). This Way Bill shall be non-negotiable.
  • The Company shall at its sole discretion accept all kinds of goods except all dangerous, explosives, hazardous, inflammable, combustible, contraband and prohibited goods, bullion, gems, currency notes etc. This Way Bill is issued in good faith upon the information provided by the consignor regarding the nature, value, quality and contents of the each consignment. Under the Carriage by Road Act, 2007 and the rules made there under, Consignor shall be liable for any risk incurred with respect to the consignment until specifically agreed by the Company by charging higher rates as specific risk charges which are 2% of the value of the consignment.
  • The Consignor shall ensure that each consignment is properly packed, marked and addressed to ensure the safe transportation and delivery. Company shall not be liable for any loss to or delayed delivery or damage in transport due to following:
    • Act of God, pilferage, floods, theft, wet weather condition, strikes, riots, lock-outs, labour disturbances, disturbances, fire explosives, accidents, fire and explosion, or any other natural disasters however reasonable precautions are taken to avoid such contingencies.
    • Any false declaration and/or defective packing, marking or addressing of the consignment by consignor but the consignor shall be responsible and liable to the Company for all the consequences of the improper actions mentioned above.
    • Any default or omission on the part of the consignor or any interested third party.
    • “Inherent Vice” or the nature or any special characteristics of the consignment,
    • Electric or magnetic injury, erasure or other such damage to photographic or electronic pictures, images or recordings in any form.
  • All goods are accepted for transportation by any medium namely, road, rail, air or sea at the sole discretion of the Company to deliver the consignment. The Company shall have the right to hand over the consignment to any lorry or service for transport and conditions herein shall also apply in such cases.
  • The Company shall have right to particular lien over all the consignments of the consignor towards any dues payable to the Company.
  • The Company shall have the right but not the obligation to open any consignment for inspection.
  • The Company shall not be responsible if the goods are detained, seized or confiscated by the government authorities. The Consignor shall be solely responsible for all/any payment levied or permits by the government authority or any statutory body in respect of any consignment.
  • The Company shall have the right to re-measure, re-weight, re-classify and re-calculate rates, in the presence of the holder of the Way Bill or authorized agent, at destination before delivery for reasons assigned in writing and collect any commission or under charge. Consignor shall be liable to pay all the charges to the Company or truck driver or an authorized agent of the Company as may be directed.
  • The liability of the Company for any loss or damage or non-delivery of the consignment shall be limited to Rs. 1000 (rupees one thousand only) for each consignment.
  • The Consignee shall be responsible to check the consignment at the time of delivery. Company shall not entertain any complaint regarding conditions of the consignment once the Consignee accepts the delivery and the representatives of the Company leave the premises where the consignment is delivered. Any acceptance of consignment shall be a proof of proper delivery under the contract with respect to such consignment. No complaint, claim or enquiry shall be entertained with respect to any consignment after the expiry of 3 days from the date of delivery of such consignment. Any claim, complaint or enquiry to be entertained by the Company shall be upon the payment of all the charges or any outstanding payment with respect to the consignment.
  • Any correction to the Way Bill shall not be accepted unless it is signed by the booking clerk and attested by the Company’s highest authority.
  • The competent court in the state of Karnataka alone shall have jurisdiction in respect of all claims and/or matters pertaining to the consignment or arising out of this contract.
  • The company hereby declares that Input Tax Credit of Capital Goods, input and Input Services, used for providing parcel services, has not been taken by us
  • The parties shall also be bound by the general terms and conditions mentioned on our website (www.porter.in) and the Company shall have the right to change the terms and conditions without any prior notice.