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The need for goods’ vehicles has increased significantly, especially in developing cities, such as Bangalore, Chennai, Nashik, and Ahmedabad due to factors like economic growth, supply chain management, infrastructure development, and better employment opportunities in such cities. Therefore, many people and businesses need efficient goods vehicles that can cater to their personal and commercial logistic requirements.

Porter is one of the efficient logistics platforms that provide logistics services across India to transport goods. Whether you are a student, an employee, or an enterprise, we have a fleet of goods vehicles for rent to help you with goods transportation.

With our easy online booking process, efficient customer services, and expert driver-partners, Porter can be a smart solution, if you are searching for a ‘goods vehicle for rent near me.’ If you need to get your goods transported within your city or to nearby areas, we are here to help. Book our goods vehicles on rent, and we will make sure your goods are transported safely to their destinations. So, choose Porter today and bring an end to your search for ‘rent goods vehicle near me’ to enjoy a seamless logistic experience.

Goods vehicle for Rent at affordable rates

Get goods vehicle for rent from Porter. Offering price points to suit every need, big or small, be assured that you will get impeccable service. Our goods vehicle rental services make it easy to get a commercial vehicle on rent at any time. Choose Porter for online commercial vehicle booking and have a goods vehicle for rent at your door super fast.

Find goods vehicle for rent on Porter app starting at Rs 194/-.

Vehicle Type3 Wheeler
Base FareRs.194
Loading Capacity500kg
Load Body Size5.5ft x 4.5ft x 5ft

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Goods vehicle rental made easy with online bookings through Porter app

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Take the hassle out of house shifting by hiring reliable and safe trucks from Porter

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Get a commercial vehicle on rent or hire a 407 vehicle for house shifting - Porter covers every logistics need

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Safe and reliable goods vehicle for rent

Finding a commercial vehicle on rent used to be a hassle and involved jumping through far too many hoops to rent just one truck. Now, goods vehicle online booking services are better than ever. For both personal and commercial needs, there is a goods vehicle for rent. Online commercial vehicle booking does require that you do your research and pick a logistics company with transparent pricing, experienced drivers and great service. Porter has goods vehicle for rent which do all that and more. Hire commercial vehicle services from Porter by following the steps below:


Open the app and enter the pickup and drop point & Enter the receiver's name and number


Choose the goods type to be transported & the truck type according to the volume.


Finalise the payment and, voila, your truck is on its way!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Explore the types of Goods vehicles on rent


Get different types of goods vehicles with Porter to suit your goods transportation needs. We offer various goods vehicles and trucks you can rent for logistics. We provide mini trucks that are suitable to transport household goods like furniture, and electric goods like refrigerators, and there are heavy commercial trucks, such as Canter 14ft, that can transport commercial goods like heavy machinery. You can get a goods vehicle for rent that matches your logistic requirements like the number of goods and their volume.

Whether you need a mini truck for home shifting, or a big truck to transport heavy commercial machinery, Porter has you covered. By knowing more about the goods vehicles offered by Porter, you can choose the right one for a seamless logistic experience.

  1. Tata Ace: The Tata Ace truck provided by Porter, is capable of carrying goods load up to 750 kg, and is an affordable choice. It is a cost-effective option for transporting various goods, including fruits, vegetables, chemicals, and FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) food products. With its great size and efficient load capacity, the Tata Ace is well-suited for safely transporting a range of items, making it a reliable goods vehicle for your logistic needs.
  2. Tata Ace (Helper): We offer a Tata Ace (Helper) truck, a smart choice for transporting your goods. This dependable goods vehicle can transport furniture and bulky household items well. With a loading capacity of 750 kg, the rental cost to hire an Ace (Helper) can vary depending on the location. It comes with a helper to aid in loading and unloading goods, enhancing the overall convenience of your goods transportation experience.
  3. Three-wheeler: You can opt for a three-wheeler tempo to efficiently transport commercial items like machinery or household goods such as furniture. With a 500 kg loading capacity, you can conveniently rent this goods vehicle from Porter.
  4. Three-wheeler (Helper): You can use our three-wheeler (Helper) mini tempo to get your goods transported with affordable starting prices. This tempo can carry up to 500 kg of goods load. You can easily get a helper to assist in loading and unloading goods when you rent a three-wheeler tempo from Porter.
  5. Tata 407: Our Tata 407 truck is available for transporting your goods, starting at an economical rate. It has a maximum capacity of carrying up to 2500 kg of load. It is ideal for transporting heavy household goods or commercial machinery.

  6. Pickup 8ft: Our Pickup 8ft truck is available for transporting your goods, with affordable prices depending on the city. It has a maximum load capacity of 1250 kg. It is ideal to transport electric goods such as refrigerators and washing machines.

Why you need to rent goods vehicles from porter?


Opting to get a goods vehicle for rent from Porter can offer a seamless and efficient logistic solution to you. Whether you are a business owner or an individual, our reliable fleet of trucks, transparent pricing, and easy online booking procedure ensures a convenient logistic solution. Experience the convenience and peace of mind that comes with choosing Porter for your goods transportation needs.

  1. Hassle-free Booking: The Porter app's convenient booking procedure allows you to effortlessly rent a goods’ vehicle in a few clicks, saving time while making the process straightforward.
  2. Safe and Reliable: Safety and security are important to us at Porter. We make sure our driver-partners are reliable through background checks and ensure all the trucks are well-maintained. Moreover, we also have secure payment options to help you make payments without any concerns.
  3. Affordability: With our affordable and transparent prices, you can get your goods transported without worrying about going over budget. For instance, enjoy our cost-effective three-wheeler goods vehicle rentals starting at just ₹250 in Delhi.
  4. On-time Delivery: At Porter, we make every effort to ensure your goods vehicle reaches you exactly when and where you need it. You can trust Porter to deliver your truck on time.
  5. Wide Reach and Scale: Porter can be a reliable option to cater to your goods transportation needs. With our vast fleet of goods vehicles, we serve both the bustling city center and the distant corners of the cities.

Items which a goods vehicle can carry


Experience the convenience of transporting goods with Porter, one of the trustworthy platforms for goods transportation. When it comes to the goods transportation, Porter can be a smart choice to experience seamless logistics. Our fleet of goods vehicles is well-maintained and is capable of carrying a load of goods weighing up to 2500 kg. Whether it is for your business or personal logistic requirements, Porter's goods vehicles are designed to handle different items. We make sure your goods get delivered safely and on time. With Porter, you can experience convenient logistics by getting a goods vehicle for rent to transport goods safely. Following are the different items that a Porter’s goods vehicle can carry.

  1. Boxes and Cartons: Porter’s goods vehicles can transport various goods packed in packages, boxes, and cartons. This includes items such as electronics, clothing, appliances, and other packaged products, ensuring secure and efficient delivery to their destinations.
  2. Furniture: We provide trucks that can transport a range of furniture items, including sofas, tables, chairs, and cabinets. Whether for personal or commercial purposes, these goods vehicles ensure reliable transportation of furniture to various locations.
  3. Appliances: Porter’s goods vehicles can transport a variety of household and commercial appliances, such as refrigerators, washing machines, ovens, and electronics. These goods vehicles ensure secure transportation of appliances to different destinations, providing convenience and reliability.
  4. Electronics: Our goods vehicles transport a range of electronic devices, including TVs, computers, smartphones, and audio equipment, catering to both personal and business logistic needs.
  5. Building Materials: Goods vehicles provided by Porter are efficient in transporting construction materials like cement, bricks, lumber, and roofing materials. These trucks transport bulky loads to construction sites, supporting the timely completion of commercial projects with reliable transportation of construction supplies.
  6. Food and Beverages: Our goods vehicles can transport a variety of consumable products, including groceries, beverages, packaged foods, and perishable items for personal and commercial purposes. Porter’s goods vehicles ensure safe and hygienic delivery, facilitating the timely supply of beverages to various destinations.
  7. Textiles and Apparel: Porter’s goods vehicles can easily transport clothing, fabrics, garments, and related accessories. From bulk shipments to retail deliveries, our goods vehicles can conveniently transport textile and apparel items, which guarantees the timely availability of fashion products to individuals and enterprises.

How Porter prices its goods vehicles on rent service?


"Porter’s charges for goods vehicle for rent depends on a few important factors. We consider the type and size of the goods vehicle you need, the distance that a goods vehicle needs to cover, how long you want to rent the truck for, and if you need a helper to load and unload goods door-to-door. We always ensure that our rental charges for goods vehicles are fair and transparent so that more people can avail of our logistic services. You can easily find all the important details about how much our rental services cost on Porter's website or app. Therefore, you can make the right choice by getting a suitable goods vehicle for rent from Porter to cater to your goods’ transportation needs. Please find the rental charges for various trucks mentioned below.

Tata Ace (Loading Capacity - Up to 750 kg) > Starting from ₹230 Tata Ace (Helper) ((Loading Capacity - Up to 750 kg) > Starting from ₹230 Three-wheeler ((Loading Capacity - Up to 500 kg) > Starting from ₹205 Three-wheeler (Helper) ((Loading Capacity - Up to 500 kg) > Starting from ₹205 Tata 407 ((Loading Capacity - Up to 2500 kg) > Starting from ₹591 Pickup 8ft ((Loading Capacity - Up to 1250 kg) > Starting from ₹330

It is important to note that other charges like road tax can be added to the base fare.

Which truck works best as a goods carrier?


Any truck can work as a goods carrier; it depends on how much cargo needs to be transported. Smaller consignments can use a Tata Ace or Pickup 8FT while Canter 14FT can carry much larger shipments.

Which vehicles are categorised as LCV?


Light commercial vehicles (LCVs) includes mini trucks, pickup trucks and minivans. Examples of these are Tata Ace and Tata 407.

Is a van a commercial vehicle?


A commercial vehicle is a type of vehicle used for moving goods. Since vans can move goods, they are commercial vehicles.

What types of goods vehicles are available for rent?


You can easily rent goods vehicles such as Tata Ace, Tata Ace (Helper), three-wheeler, Canter 14ft, Pickup 8ft, and three-wheeler (Helper) from Porter to fulfill your logistic needs.

How can I find a reliable goods vehicle rental service near me?


You can conveniently find a reliable goods vehicle rental service near you through the Porter app to get your goods transported.

Can I rent a goods vehicle for a specific duration or one-way trip?


You can rent a goods vehicle on Porter anytime you need to transport your goods on a short notice.

How far in advance should I book a goods vehicle rental?


At the moment, Porter only offers on-demand booking for goods vehicle rentals.

Are there any additional fees or hidden charges to consider?


We can assure you that you will not have to pay hidden charges when you book goods vehicle rental services with Porter. Additional charges, such as road tax and parking fees, may apply over and above the base fare.

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