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Truck transport services within a budget

Rent trucks at the most affordable rates in the city! For all transportation needs, whether it is personal or commercial, we have a truck for you. Worried about negotiating truck transportation rates? No need to fret; just download the Porter app and get your quotation there. Be assured of getting the best rates from Porter. Truck rental rates start at Rs 194/- per km.

Vehicle Type 3 Wheeler
Base FareRs.194
Loading Capacity 500 kg
Load Body Size5.5ft x 4.5ft x 5ft

Convenient and Reliable Truck Transport Services

Every business or individual needs a reliable truck transport service to transport goods across or beyond the city limits. This is where Porter's truck transport services can help you. Whether you're a business owner seeking to transport products to customers or an individual looking to move goods across the city, Porter offers a seamless solution that bridges the gap in urban logistics.

What makes us stand out are our key features that cater to diverse needs. Our prices are affordable, making it an attractive option for businesses and individuals. With a fleet comprising three-wheelers, and four-wheelers, Porter provides flexibility to transport goods of varying sizes. The live order tracking feature ensures transparency and allows you to monitor your goods in real-time.

Porter's on-demand truck transport services cater to both intracity and outstation requirements, offering quick and hassle-free access to goods transportation when needed. With the ability to send anything, anywhere, anytime, Porter helps you to overcome logistical challenges efficiently. In a world where time is of the essence, Porter's truck transport services bring convenience and reliability to the forefront, making urban logistics effortless.

With door-to-door loading and unloading assistance, available labour, and the option to book services within minutes through the Porter app, we offer extreme convenience in transporting goods.

Porter can truly be the go-to solution for you if you are searching for “truck transport services near me.” So, choose Porter today and enjoy efficient truck rental service.

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? We'd be happy to help!

Reasons to choose Porter Truck Transport services


Here are the reasons why Porter can be your go-to logistics provider for truck transport services.

Affordable Price: Porter offers competitive pricing, making truck transport services accessible for various budgets. So, whether you need a three-wheeler to transport one piece of furniture or a Tata 407 for your commercial goods, the prices will stay within your budget.

Range of Trucks: With options like three-wheelers and four-wheelers like Tata Ace, Champion, and Eeco, Porter caters to different cargo sizes and transportation needs.

Live Order Tracking: Porter's real-time order tracking provides transparency by allowing you to monitor your goods' progress.

On-Demand Truck Availability: Porter ensures that trucks are available when you need them, offering a convenient solution for urgent transport requirements.

Versatile Cargo Handling: Experienced driver-partners and well-maintained trucks mean your cargo is in safe hands, no matter the type or destination.

Door-to-Door Assistance: From loading to unloading, Porter's professionals offer hands-on assistance, streamlining the entire transportation process. Porter provides additional labor or helper services as needed, simplifying the process of moving goods.

Efficient Booking: You can book the on-demand truck rental service within minutes through the Porter app, saving time and ensuring hassle-free arrangements.

Choosing Porter for your truck transport needs ensures convenience, reliability, and a range of features that make the transportation process smoother and more efficient.

List of items eligible for truck transport services


Truck transport services can help in moving various types of items efficiently and safely. Here's a list of different categories of items eligible for such services, along with examples:

Dry Goods: Dry goods, such as clothing, textiles, and non-perishable items (like garments, fabrics, and stationery), can be transported. Electronics: This category covers electronic devices and components, such as TVs, computers, and smartphones. Furniture: Items like sofas, tables, and chairs fall under this category, ensuring safe transportation for home or office needs. Appliances: It is possible to securely transport household appliances like refrigerators, washing machines, and microwaves using truck services. Building Materials: Transporting construction materials like lumber, cement, and bricks efficiently supports construction projects. Industrial Equipment: Heavy machinery, tools, and manufacturing equipment are easily movable through truck transport. Food and Beverages: Perishable and non-perishable food items, beverages, and packaged goods are eligible for safe transportation. Packaging Materials: Items like cardboard boxes, packing tape, and bubble wrap contribute to the logistics process. Pharmaceuticals: Medical supplies, drugs, and pharmaceutical products require careful transportation, making trucks a reliable option. Paper Products: Securely transporting items such as books, stationery, and paper goods is possible using truck services. Porter’s truck transport services provide a versatile solution for moving various goods across different cities, ensuring efficient and timely delivery.

Are there different types of trucks used for specific cargo requirements?


Yes, there are different types of trucks used for specific cargo requirements at Porter, categorized as Light Commercials (LCV) for smaller loads and Heavy Commercial Vehicles (HCV) for larger or heavier shipments.

What safety measures are taken by trucking companies to protect my cargo?


Porter employs safety measures such as secure loading and unloading, careful handling, GPS tracking, along with skilled driver-partners to ensure the protection of your cargo during transportation.

Explore the Types of Trucks for transport services from Porter


Porter's comprehensive truck transport services has various truck types tailored to meet different transportation needs.

Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV - Below 750 kg):

Three-Wheeler Capacity: 500 kg Size (LxBxH): 5.5ft x 4.5ft x 5ft

Tata Ace Capacity: 750 kg Size (LxBxH): 7ft x 4ft x 5ft

Details: This option comes with a facility to help in door-to-door loading and unloading. Champion Capacity: 650 kg

Eeco Capacity: 500 kg

Heavy Commercial Vehicles (HCV - Above 750 kg):

Tata 407 Capacity: 2500 kg Size (LxBxH): 9ft x 5.5ft x 6ft 8ft 1Ton Capacity: 1000 kg Size (LxBxH): 8ft x 4.5ft x 5.5ft Pickup 8ft Capacity: 1250 kg Size (LxBxH): 9ft x 5ft x 6ft Canter 14ft Capacity: 3500 kg Size (LxBxH): 14ft x 6ft x 6ft

Porter's types of transport trucks, categorized into Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV) and Heavy Commercial Vehicles (HCV), offer a range of choices for transporting goods efficiently and reliably. From smaller loads to larger shipments, these trucks are equipped to handle various cargo sizes while ensuring safe and timely transportation.

What types of cargo can be transported using trucking services?


We can transport a wide range of cargo, including dry goods, electronics, furniture, appliances, building materials, industrial equipment, food and beverages, packaging materials, pharmaceuticals, and paper products.