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How does the GPS tracking work?
Each of our vehicle is GPS enabled through an App which is installed on the driver's phone.
If I have extra requirements some days how can you help?
You can always contact our customer support team for the vehicle requirement.
How would I be able to track the vehicle?
You will be provided with a dedicated dashboard where all your vehicles can be tracked. It can be logged in from multiple desktops, hence your site co-ordinator can also login at the same time.
Would you provide any local Supervisor at the hub for daily coordination?
No, we do not encourage this practice and excercise control through technology and our dedicated central customer support team.
How will I get the details of the vehicle which will be reporting on a daily basis?
You will be notified through sms as well as a comprehensive summary is sent on email by our customer support team.
How much time would you take to provide replacements in case of vehicle break down?
We keep a standard TAT of 1-2 hrs depending on the locations and vehicle type.
How would you calculate monthly kms and OT?
Kms are aggregated on monthly level while over time is calculated on a daily basis.
How is the safety of goods ensured
All our vehicles are GPS tracked, on which our customer support team keeps a close eye. Our partners are verified for any criminal record before on-boarding.
What is the invoicing cycle?
We follow 15 and 30 days invoicing cycle from 1st of every month.
Do you charge GST?
We do charge GST in some cases but this may depend on case to case basis.
Do you provide labour/delivery boys as well?
We do provide labour with the vehicle.
Do you also provide vehicles for inter-city movements?
No we do not provide inter-city FTL service.
What's your radius of Operation?
We operate in a 200 km radius in all the cities where we are present.
What are the type of vehicles you provide?
We provide the complete range of LCV and HCV, starting from Eeco to 8 tonn vehicles.
How would I get the PODs after delivery of my goods?
We provide POD service for dedicated vehicles on T+1 day and for the one way vehicles by the end of the month with invoice.
Do you provide vehicles for less than 12 hrs?
We do provide vehicles for part-engagements where we customize the offering as per your use.
Would you charge extra if there are multiple delivery points or if it's a milk run?
In case of dedicated vehicles there is no extra charge on number of deliveries.
What would be the notice period to remove a a dedicated vehicle?
The notice period is 30 days for any vehicle reduction/contract termination.
Would there be a contract signed for this engagement?
We do not start service without signing the service contract.
What are the usual offerings you provide
The offerings we provide range from 26/30 days a month, 12/24 hrs a day. We are also open for customization in these.
Would you allow the vehicles to be parked at night in our warehouse for night loading?
If the driver has to stay the night there would be an extra charge for this.
What kind of support will you provide in case of a local union/ Mathari issue?
We will help you crack this issue for a smooth service.
How old will these vehicles be?
We do not on-board any vehicles which are more than 4 years old.