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Convenient Mini Truck Online Booking

Are you looking for a reliable and affordable online truck booking service in India? Porter is your go-to logistics provider with economical rates and flexible truck rental options.


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Convenient Mini Truck Online Booking

Are you looking for a reliable and affordable online truck booking service in India? Porter is your go-to logistics provider with economical rates and flexible truck rental options.

Rent Trucks Near You in India

Light (below 750kg)

Heavy (above 750kg)

Tata Ace
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Tata Ace

Starting from ₹230

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Vehicle Capacity Icon

500 kg

3 Wheeler

Starting from ₹205

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Know more

Vehicle Capacity Icon

500 kg

Trucks to Choose From

3 Wheeler

Tata Ace

Maruti Eeco

Pickup 8 Feet

Pickup 8 Feet 1 Ton

Tata Super Ace 8 Feet

Canter 14 Feet

Pickup 14 Feet

Tata 407

3 Wheeler Electric

E Rickshaw Loader

Mahindra Champion

1-7 Ton Truck

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Affordable Truck Rental Services

Rent trucks at the most affordable rates in the city

Rent trucks at the most affordable rates in the city! We have a truck for you for all personal or commercial transportation needs. Are you worried about negotiating truck transportation rates? There is no need to worry; download the Porter app and get an instant quote. Be assured of getting the best rates from Porter. Truck rental rates start at Rs 194 per km.

Truck on rent services for goods transport at the best prices from Porter

We provide an efficient solution for your goods transport needs through Porter's truck-on-rent services. Our on-demand truck rental service can cater to all goods transportation needs, whether moving within the city or across cities. You can choose from a range of trucks, including tempo services, three-wheelers and four-wheelers, suitably matching your cargo size and transport needs. Track your goods in real-time with our live order tracking. Stay updated on transportation, enhance transparency, and access on-demand trucks precisely when required. With our service, you can send anything, anywhere, anytime. Whether you need to deliver appliances to your customer, such as kitchen appliances or need to move your antique wardrobe, Porter will assist you. Moreover, our commitment to a seamless experience extends to door-to-door loading and unloading assistance so your goods are handled carefully and precisely. For your convenience, we provide available labour or helper support to assist you with any heavy lifting. You can book truck services from us within minutes through the Porter app to make the process even more convenient. Rent a truck online today and experience hassle-free goods transportation that meets your needs and budget effectively.

How do you rent a truck from Porter?

When renting a truck from Porter, you can expect a streamlined process for your transportation requirements seamlessly.

Here's a step-by-step breakdown to guide you through booking a truck on rent:

  • On the Porter app, choose Porter for Trucks
  • Choose whether you want intercity or intracity services
  • Enter your pickup and drop address along with contact details
  • Add any other stops, if needed
  • Choose your mini truck or mini tempo on rent
  • Choose the goods type if needed
  • Choose your payment method - cash, Porter credit or PayTM
  • Apply any coupons for special discounts and wait while a driver-partner gets allocated. Considering convenience, Porter ensures that truck booking online is a hassle-free and efficient process through their app. From truck selection to payment, we've ensured the process is as seamless and convenient as possible, making us the go-to option for all your transportation needs.

Safety and Security Measures for Truck on Rent Services from Porter

Safety and security are paramount when considering a truck on rent from Porter. Porter has implemented various comprehensive measures to ensure a secure and reliable customer experience.

  • Secure Transportation: One of the primary measures is the verification of driver-partners. Before being allowed to operate rented trucks, all driver-partners undergo thorough background checks and verifications. This ensures you can trust us with your goods without worrying about reliability and trustworthiness. We also ensure the trucks are in good condition.
  • Customer Service: Porter's commitment to customer safety extends to providing 24/7 customer support. This means that you can access assistance anytime during the transportation of goods. Whether addressing concerns or handling emergencies such as breakdowns, accidents, and unforeseen incidents, the support team is readily available to ensure a smooth and secure experience.
  • Safety: Porter enhances safety by offering secure payment methods, ensuring a seamless experience. We provide transparent and upfront pricing during booking to avoid surprises. Hire a truck with Porter today and experience truck rental efficiency with safety and security measures.

Different Types of Trucks on Rent are available from Porter

Discover various truck rental options from Porter, catering to your unique transportation needs. Whether you require light commercial vehicles (LCV) or heavy commercial vehicles (HCV), Porter has you covered with various choices:

Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV - Below 750 kg):

  1. Three-Wheeler
    • Capacity: 500 kg
    • Size (L x B x H): 5.5ft x 4.5ft x 5ft
  2. Tata Ace
    • Capacity: 750 kg
    • Size (L x B x H): 7ft x 4ft x 5ft
  3. Champion
    • Capacity: 650 kg
  4. Eeco
    • Capacity: 500 kg

Heavy Commercial Vehicles (HCV - Above 750 kg):

  1. Tata 407
    • Capacity: 2500 kg
    • Size (L x B x H): 9ft x 5.5ft x 6ft
  2. 8ft 1Ton
    • Capacity: 1000 kg
    • Size (L x B x H): 8ft x 4.5ft x 5.5ft
  3. Pickup 8ft
    • Capacity: 1250 kg
    • Size (L x B x H): 9ft x 5ft x 6ft

With this variety of truck options, you can choose a suitable truck to rent nearby based on your cargo volume and weight requirements. Porter's truck rental services ensure access to a diverse fleet for a seamless transportation experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

In case you have more questions, feel free to reach out to us.

Are there any specific requirements or documents needed to rent a truck?


Customers looking to avail of Porter's truck rental services typically need identification documents to book the service.

What happens in case of an accident or breakdown during the rental period?


Porter will always try to provide you with a secure goods transportation service. However, in the event of an accident or breakdown during the rental period, Porter's support team assists in coordinating necessary arrangements for repairs or alternative transportation, ensuring minimal disruption for customers.

How is the rental duration calculated, and what are the charges?


Rental duration for Porter's trucks is usually calculated from pickup to drop-off. Charges are based on factors like distance, truck type, and additional services, with transparent pricing displayed during the booking process.

What should I consider when determining the truck size I need to rent?


When deciding on the truck size to rent, consider the volume and weight of your cargo and the number of items. Porter's different options, like three-wheelers and four-wheelers, ensure you choose a truck that accommodates your goods comfortably.