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Searching for “Tata Ace transport services near me?” No need to worry! Porter is here to help with dependable transport services.

In cities with growing businesses and economy, Porter's on-demand tata ace transport service emerges as a reliable solution for both intracity and outstation needs. With a range of trucks, including the compact Tata Ace (Chota Hathi), we offer a flexible fleet suitable for various cargo sizes.

Our real-time order tracking system adds transparency to the service, allowing you to monitor your goods transportation closely. The availability of on-demand trucks ensures swift service even during peak hours, facilitating efficient transportation.

With Porter's services, you can send goods anywhere, anytime. With door-to-door loading and unloading assistance, with the option for labor or helper support, the process becomes smoother, especially during house shifting.

Booking our services through the Porter app takes only a few minutes, eliminating unnecessary delays. Porter's Tata Ace transport services offer a helpful solution, ensuring secure and timely transportation with convenience at the forefront.

Now you can end your search for “Chota Hathi transport near me” and choose Porter for Tata Ace rent for house shifting.

Affordable Tata Ace Transport service charges

Looking to hire Tata Ace to transport your goods? Worried about transportation charges being too high? Whether it is personal or commercial needs, Porter offers Tata Ace for hire at affordable transport charges. Rent a truck at the best rates in the market! Hire Tata Ace for the whole day or pay truck charges per km travelled to get the best bang for your buck.

Tata Ace rates start from Rs 232/-.

Vehicle TypeTata Ace
Base FareRs.232
Loading Capacity750kg
Load Body Size7ft x 4ft x 5ft

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Use a Tata Ace for shifting Goods

Moving households? Hire a Tata Ace, pack up your things and make your move yourself!

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Book Tata Ace anywhere

Need a Tata Ace? Rent one on Porter app from the comfort of your home.

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Hire Tata Ace across all Tier 1 cities

Tata Ace rent in Bangalore? Chennai? Mumbai? Book one through Porter!

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Reliable Tata Ace Rental Service

Looking for a mini truck rental to move goods? Don't look any further and get a Tata Ace for rent from Porter. Book Tata Ace to transport commercial goods for a business. Book Tata Ace for moving light to medium goods such as FMCG products, home appliances, ceramics, plywood, parcels and more. Or, book Tata Ace to help you shift a house! It is the perfect truck for transferring cargo within a budget. Download the Porter app and get a Tata Ace for rent on a per day or per km basis. Just follow these steps:


Open the app and enter the pickup and drop point


Enter the receiver's name and number


Choose the goods type to be transported & select tata ace truck


Finalise the payment and your truck is on its way!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? We'd be happy to help!

Why Porter stands out for Tata Ace Transportation Services?


Porter offers distinct features in the Tata Ace transport services:

Affordable Price: Prioritizing budget-friendly solutions, Porter ensures cost-effective transportation. Real-time Tracking: The live order tracking feature provides transparency and visibility throughout delivery. On-Demand Availability: With our quick on-demand truck availability, we minimize waiting times and delays. Flexible Shipments: Sending goods of any size, anywhere, anytime, portrays Porter's commitment to convenience. Seamless Loading and Unloading: Door-to-door loading and unloading assistance reduces customer effort. Labor/Helper Option: The availability of labor or helpers provides extra support for smoother handling. Instant Booking: The intuitive Porter app makes it easy to book services within minutes, streamlining the process.

Porter is committed to making Tata Ace transport affordable, versatile, and convenient. Our comprehensive approach helps us to offer reliable and efficient cargo transportation services.

Benefits of choosing tata ace transport services from Porter


It is natural to look for benefits while searching for “Tata Ace transport services near me” as you want the best possible service. So, let us tell you the benefits that come with Porter’s Tata Ace transport services.

Hassle-free Booking: Renting a Tata Ace truck nearby becomes easy with Porter. Our app streamlines the process, allowing you to locate available trucks, choose your preferred option, and secure your booking in minutes.

Safety and Trustworthiness: We ensure that the trucks are in good condition, and our skilled driver-partners ensure quick and secure transportation. They will handle your goods carefully, ensuring your goods reach their destination quickly and intact.

Cost-Effective Solutions: Porter offers competitive rates for mini truck rentals. For example, renting Tata Ace in Nashik starts at just ₹190, ensuring value for your money.

Extensive Network: Our widespread network of trucks and skillful driver-partners ensures comprehensive coverage. This expansive reach guarantees you can get a truck any time, be it for business or personal needs.

Timely transportation: With Porter's Tata Ace transport services, you can rely on timely transportation. We promise timely transport that suits your needs and meets your expectations.

Convenience at Your Fingertips: Porter's app helps you to manage your transportation needs seamlessly. From searching for available trucks to confirming bookings, it's all just a few taps away.

Tata Ace Trucks for Goods Transportation


The Tata Ace truck, often called "Chota Hathi" in India, is a dependable choice for goods transportation due to its compact yet efficient design. With its dimensions of 7 feet in length, 4 feet in width, and 5 feet in height (7ft x 4ft x 5ft), this truck is ideal for small-sized and medium-sized goods like electronics and groceries.

The compact size allows the Tata Ace to easily navigate through tight spaces and congested streets, making it an efficient solution for urban transportation and transport challenges. Despite its modest size, it offers an impressive payload capacity, allowing you to transport goods efficiently.

Tata Ace has become synonymous with reliability and efficiency in the transportation industry. Its sturdy build ensures that your cargo remains safe and secure during transit, while its fuel-efficient engine helps keep operational costs manageable.

For businesses looking to rent a Tata Ace, these dimensions provide versatility for various transportation needs. Whether moving goods for a small business, making residential transportation, or even moving within the same city, the Tata Ace truck proves to be a reliable truck.

So, if you're considering Chota Hathi transport or need a reliable logistics solution provider for your transportation needs, the Tata Ace transport services by Porter can be a dependable choice.

List of items delivered by Tata ace transport services by Porter


Porter's Tata Ace transport services are versatile as they accommodate a wide range of items for safe and timely delivery. Here are examples of items delivered:

  1. Dry Goods, such as clothing, textiles, and fabrics.
  2. Electronics, including gadgets like smartphones, small appliances such as blenders, and entertainment devices like headphones.
  3. Furniture for both home and office use, ranging from sofas and chairs to desks and conference tables.
  4. Appliances like microwaves and blenders, and vacuum cleaners for convenient household tasks, and lumber used in construction and renovation projects.
  5. Building Materials such as pipes and fittings, and lumber used in construction and renovation projects Industrial Equipment, including factory machinery like conveyor belts, CNC machines, and forklifts.
  6. Food and Beverages, such as catering supplies for events, restaurant equipment, and a variety of beverages
  7. Packaging Materials like boxes for shipping, bubble wrap for fragile items, and packing tape for secure sealing
  8. Pharmaceuticals, including medical supplies such as bandages, syringes, and prescription medications
  9. Paper Products, including stationery like notepads, envelopes, and documents like contracts and brochures.

How can I attach my Tata Ace with Porter?


Attaching a Tata Ace with Porter is an easy, three-step process:

  1. Download the Porter Driver Partner app
  2. Register and submit all your documents
  3. After verification of documents, place a dummy order to start driving with Porter!

What is the capacity of Tata Ace?


Tata Ace can carry a load of up to 750 kg with a load body size of 7 ft x 4 ft x 5 ft.

Can I attach my Tata Ace on a monthly contract or rent mini trucks on monthly basis?


You can attach your commercial vehicle to Porter on a daily, weekly or monthly basis either part-time or full-time.

Can Tata Ace trucks accommodate fragile or sensitive cargo safely?


Yes, Tata Ace trucks can accommodate fragile or sensitive cargo safely due to their compact size and customizable interior, allowing for secure transportation.

Is Tata Ace suitable for both local and long-distance transportation?


Yes, Tata Ace is suitable for transporting goods both within a local area and to nearby places outside the city.

What is Tata Ace truck transport service, and what makes it unique?


The Tata Ace truck transport service offers a compact and versatile truck for transporting goods. Its uniqueness lies in its ability to navigate through tight spaces, making it suitable for urban areas, and its remarkable load-bearing capacity despite its size.

How do Tata Ace truck transport services ensure timely deliveries?


Tata Ace trucks navigate busy and populated areas with agility, enabling efficient last-mile transportation of goods.

How do I prepare my cargo for transportation using Tata Ace trucks to ensure safe delivery?


You can pack your cargo carefully to ensure a secure delivery using Tata Ace trucks. Properly wrapping and cushioning your items will help ensure their protection throughout transportation.

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