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What is Porter Wallet?


Porter wallet is an easy way of paying online for all your trips with Porter.

What are the benefits of using Porter Wallet?


  1. Attractive promotions
  2. No hassle of cash #Cashless

How can I sign up for Porter Wallet?


Every Porter customer is by default eligible for Porter Wallet. Just sign up with Porter and start using Porter Wallet

How can I put money in Porter wallet?


There are two ways to recharge a Porter Wallet

  • Logging in your account via our website
  • Sending a SMS to 7710006206.

Format : "Recharge <Amount>" and send this to 7710006206, where amount is the value you want to recharge.

How do I use balance present in Porter Wallet?


If you have any balance in your Porter wallet, it will get automatically adjusted against your future trip fares.

Is there any validity period of the balance available in my Porter Wallet?


No, there is no validity period / expiry associated with the balance available in your Porter wallet. You can use it at any point of time. However, the amount which is credited as part of promotional campaigns will carry certain validity period as mentioned in the campaign.

Can I transfer balance in my Porter Wallet to any other user?


Sorry! Balance from one Porter Wallet cannot be transferred to another.

How can I check balance present in my Porter Wallet?


Log-in to your Porter Account via our home page and switch to Wallet tab. You would see your balance amount. You can also check out the same using wallet screen of our Porter App.

Is there any extra charge to use Porter Wallet?


Porter Wallet is absolutely free for our customers and you are not charged any money for using the same.

Are there any limitations to add money to Porter Wallet?


Yes, you can add upto a maximum of Rs. 50,000 against each recharge request. The balance in the Porter Wallet, at any given time, shall not exceed Rs. 50,000.

My Money has been debited but it is not reflecting in the wallet, why?


At times, it can take upto 48 hours for the recharge to go through. In case, you don't see your recharge amount reflected in your porter wallet within 48 hours of making the recharge, please contact us via our CC at 4410 4410

When will my cashback be credited?


Once your transaction is successful, cashback will be credited in your wallet within 24 hours.

What happens in case my wallet doesn't have sufficient balance?


Porter will try to adjust the balance as much as possible against the trip fare (or any dues, if present). Remaining trip fare will have to be paid in cash.



  • Porter wallet saves you from the hassles of handling cash. You can load value in your Porter account as a prepaid balance which can be used only for Porter services.
  • Balance in Porter Wallet does not bear interest. Offer of cash-back may be changed/withdrawn by the Management without prior notice.
  • Available balance in Porter Wallet will be forfeited if no orders have been placed for one year from the date of last order.
  • Amount credited in wallet by Porter in connection with any promotional/marketing campaign is non-refundable and may expire as per applicable terms.
  • Porter has the sole discretion for rewarding the Porter Wallet user with promotional offers, points, monitoring and/or temporarily suspending the Porter Wallet.
  • Management reserves the rights to amend, modify or withdraw these terms at any time without prior notice.
  • Available balance in Porter Wallet will not be refunded either in cash or bank account and can only be used for Porter services.