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E-way bill FAQs

From 1st April 2018, if the invoice value of goods is more than Rs 50,000, e-way bill is mandatory for inter-state movement of goods (movement to other states). For such deliveries, please provide a copy of valid E-way bill and Invoice to our driver partners for smooth and hassle-free movement of goods.

If consignment value is less than or equal to Rs 50,000 please provide the partner driver with the copy of invoice, bill of supply or delivery challan. For more info, please refer to the faqs on E-way here: E-way FAQs. For more information on how to generate an E-way bill, please follow the following link: Generate E-way bill.

Do you provide labour (loading/unloading) services?

Our partners would help you to set the goods in the vehicle. However, we do not provide labour services for loading or unloading of goods.

If required, you can negotiate with our partner who will get allocated for your trip. However there is no assurance that he will be willing to do the labour work & if he is willing then the charges will be mutually decided between you & the partner. Porter will have no role in the negotiation.

How can I place a booking with multiple stops?

You can mention whether your trip has multiple stops either in the "Review screen" during the booking process or in the "Track your section" after the booking is complete

How can I pay the trip fare?

The trip fare is calculated after a trip is ended. There are multiple ways to pay the fare:

a) Porter Wallet: You can deposit money in advance in Porter Wallet and the fare would be automatically deducted from the available balance. If sufficient balance is not available, the remaining amount has to be paid in cash.

b) PayTm: You can link your PayTm account with Porter and the fare would be automatically deducted from the available balance. If sufficient balance is not available, the remaining amount has to be paid in cash.

c) Cash: The trip fare can also be paid in cash directly to our partner at the drop location.

The payment mode can be selected at the time of order placement.

Note: We do not offer any credit facility.

Can I place a booking in advance?

We do not provide advance booking feature. Use our app to book a vehicle at the time of requirement.

Do you serve 24X7 or is there any time limit?

Yes, we do serve you 24x7. Please note that the order confirmation is subject to vehicle availability.

Who pays the toll, parking and other charges?

Toll Charges : These are included in your trip fare So you don’t have to pay for these changes at the time of crossing the toll or pay additional money to the partner.

Please note that if a toll falls in your one way trip, then you may be charged a return toll as the partner has to pay the same once he is returning from your drop location.

Parking & Other Charges : The customer has to bear these charge over and above the fare amount. These charges have to be paid to our partner directly.

Will I be charged anything if I cancel the trip?

If you cancel, after a partner is assigned for your trip, then you may be charged a cancellation fee of Rs. 50/-. Conditions for these cancellation charges may vary from time to time.

Are my goods secure?

All our partners go through a background verification process. Also, you can your our tracking system to track your goods live while they are being transported.

Do your vehicles ply during No-entry timings? Do you have No-entry Pass vehicles?

We do have vehicles which carry No Entry Pass (NEP) as well & such vehicles can ply during the no entry timings. (An additional charge may be applicable for NEP vehicles, during the no entry time )

Is there any service guarantee?

We would like to assure you of the accuracy of our ETA & the estimated travel time. However, given the unpredictable nature of traffic & road conditions, we do not provide any service guarantee.

How can I track the vehicle?

The vehicle can be tracked by clicking on the live order in your customer app. Also, we send you an SMS once a partner is allocated on your order.

Can the drop location be changed?

You don't have to! Please ask the driver to proceed to the new location. We will automatically calculate the new price based on the new drop location

In what circumstances can the trip fare change?

The trip fare can change due to the below mentioned reasons:

  • If the Pick up and drop location changes a lot from the originally mentioned ones
  • If the Loading and unloading time exceeds 60 mins
  • If there are multiple stops in the trip
  • If you are particular about the route that needs to be taken by the driver and if that route is different from our recommendation to the driver
  • Other unforeseen issues